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TMJ Treatment Allentown, PA

TMJ TherapyAn Overview

TMJ Therapy can alleviate chronic pain symptoms and headaches.

TMJ and TMD both refer to conditions that affect the health and function of the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). Trauma, crooked teeth, or habitual teeth grinding can create a misalignment in the bite adding stress to and potentially damaging the jaw joint.

While there is no singular cause for TMJ related or bite disorders, there are common underlying symptoms that indicate a misalignment or damage to the jaw joint and facial muscles.

Patients with TMJ may experience:

  • Daily headaches (typically in the morning)
  • Jaw pain
  • Popping or clicking in the jaw
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Back or shoulder pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)

For patients with TMJ over the counter pain relievers typically offer little to no relief. Painful symptoms can worsen over time and may begin to interfere with a patient’s quality of life. If you suffer from chronic jaw or facial pain, or experience daily headaches, contact Hamilton Dental Designs to schedule an appoointment and learn about your treatment options for alleviating¬†TMJ related pain.

I love this office! The atmosphere, facility and STAFF are top notch. Everyone is so nice and pleasant to be around. Dr Gil and Melissa (dental hygienist) were both super helpful, knowledgeable and kind.Kaitlyn J.
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TMJ Therapy What to Expect

A thorough analysis of the bite and an oral health screening will help Dr. Gil build a comprehensive treatment plan to address the underlying cause of the bite disorder. Treating the functional cause of TMJ allows for long-term relief from painful symptoms and improved oral health.

Customized Treatment for TMJ

Oral sleep appliance therapy is often the most effective and least invasive option for relieving painful TMJ symptoms. The oral appliance fits snugly in the mouth realigning the upper and lower jaw. The appliance holds the jaw in place while you sleep allowing the muscles and jaw joint to relax. Patients often feel relief from symptoms after only a few nights of use.

Oral sleep appliance therapy is highly effective for preventing TMJ pain due to nightly teeth grinding. The oral appliance prevents the upper and lower jaw from grinding together. Treating bruxism can protect the teeth from wearing down, breaking or even from tooth loss.

Dr. Gil custom designs and fabricates oral appliance therapy devices for the treatment of TMJ at his Allentown, PA dentist office. Dr. Gil fabricates the devices in the office to help ensure a precise fit for optimal results. Dr. Gil uses state of the art dental technology to create comfortable and effective oral sleep devices that will reposition the jaw joint to improve dental health, prevent teeth grinding and allow you to awaken feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Botox® for TMJ

Dr. Gil offers Botox® as an alternative therapy for TMJ and related muscle tension in the jaw joints. Many of the symptoms caused by a bite related disorder are the result of an imbalance in the function of the jaw joints which can lead to teeth grinding and muscle tension. As the muscles tighten over time due to a range of factors, the jaw is unable to move and rest naturally. This often leads to frequent headaches, jaw pain, ear, and neck pain. Botox can help alleviate your discomfort by relaxing these muscles and allowing the jaw to function more naturally.

Dr. Gil can work with you to determine if Botox is the right solution for your needs. Botox is administered through an injection that is strategically placed in or around the jaw muscles. Botox has been shown to release muscle tension in targeted areas, in much the same way that it affects wrinkles and lines around the brows. The result can be diminished pain and discomfort which can improve quality of life and support other treatments for TMJ for a more comprehensive approach.

Botox for bruxism and myofacial pain can last for 6 months or more. Dr. Gil will evaluate the function of your jaw and your bite and can perform additional treatments periodically as needed.