Smile Gallery

Dental Bonding

Sometimes all it takes is one appointment and some bonding to see what's possible.⁣ Subtle changes can make a big difference.

Dental Implant + Crowns

A dramatic change for one of our favorite patients. Dental implants and crowns were used to bring this smile back to life. Swipe right ➡️ to see his reaction on delivery day.

Smile Upgrade

A smile upgrade could be the first step in a life upgrade. CONFIDENCE starts here.

Dental Crowns

This patient had been living with his two front teeth chipped for over ten years as a result of a car accident. Beautiful crowns can help change your identity while keeping your appearance looking natural.

Closing Spaces

↔️ T H E S P A C E between your dreams and reality is smaller than you think. 20 minutes for a brand new look for this patient.

Dental Crowns

Before, after 6 new crowns, and the final smile we have planned for this patient. 🙌🏼 Picture perfect!

Total Smile Makeover

This young patient was looking to make some B I G changes in his life. We were happy to be a part of it.

Dental Bonding

We brightened up this composite bonding, and it gave her a whole new outlook.

Porcelain Crowns

This final result looks so natural, you'd never know it was two porcelain crowns!

Bite Rehabilitation + Crowns

IN PROGRESS 🔎 This patient wanted to ditch his discolored and worn anterior bonding for a fresh look, and we're rehabilitating his bite in the process. These are temporary crowns, and we're anxiously anticipating his final result!

Upper Arch

Full new upper arch. Lower arch is next!

Composite Veneers

I did some composite veneers to even out the color and improve the shape of the teeth in this patient's smile. New look, new man.

Full Arch Crowns

Yellow, worn teeth? Not in 2021. We did 10 crowns for this patient so he could start this year fresh.

Composite Veneers

Peg laterals no more! This patient was unhappy with the smaller profile of her lateral incisors and the resulting gaps between her teeth. I was able to contour them naturally with composite veneers to change and soften her smile.