Dental Implants vs Dentures Allentown, PA

Do you have gaps in your smile? Are you looking for a more stable restorative dental solution? Dr. Jose Gil of Hamilton Dental Designs provides patients with dental implant treatment in Allentown, PA. This restorative solution is often used to hold a dental bridge or denture securely. Dental implants are recommended over appliances like removable dentures because they are long-lasting and can be maintained for many years. The porcelain dental crown that caps off an implant offers more natural-looking results.

Implants vs. Dentures in Allentown, PA

Dental implants also provide long-term benefits for a patient’s dental health when compared to removable dentures. When surgically inserted into the jaw bone, dental implants replace a missing tooth or teeth at the root. They improve the chewing function of teeth, do not slip, and look and feel like natural teeth. On top of all this, dental implants have a 98% success rate. Patients who still have a good amount of bone tissue left are good candidates for the dental implant procedure. Bone grafting is also an option for those with missing teeth and an insufficient amount of bone.

Patients who choose dentures to replace their missing teeth have the option to receive a removable or implant-secured denture. Removable dentures can move or shift while patients are eating and chewing. However, when secured with dental implants, dentures are able to support the jaw structure and prevent further bone loss. Unlike a removable denture, an implant-secured denture does not require daily cleaning or adhesives. Dental implants allow dentures to be brushed and maintained like natural teeth.

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