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Dental Fillings Allentown, PA

Dental FillingsAn Overview

Tooth decay is a leading health epidemic in children and adults.

Dental fillings are the most common treatment for tooth decay for both children and adult patients. Caught early, tooth decay can be conservatively treated using tooth-colored dental fillings. Dental fillings allow Dr. Gil to save as much of the tooth structure as possible supporting better long-term oral health.

Dental fillings are a routine dental procedure used to restore the health and structure of a decayed tooth. Traditional metal fillings and cosmetic white dental fillings are both effective solutions for minor to moderate tooth decay. More advanced decay that has compromised the structure of the tooth may require more extensive treatment.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is most commonly caused by a lack of good oral hygiene. Patients who eat a diet high in sugar are also more likely to experience higher rates of tooth decay. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily and visiting the dentist on a biannual basis are key parts of good oral hygiene. Professional teeth cleanings and good at home oral hygiene can keep your family’s teeth cavity-free. Visting the dentist every six months can prevent decay from spreading and causing structural damage.

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Dental Fillings What to Expect

Dr. Gil will remove all damaged tissue from the diseased tooth. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the filling material. The filling is injected into the tooth, sealed and polished to a natural shine.

A dental filling should last for many years with proper oral hygiene. Fillings are designed to seal out the future decay and to protect the treated tooth from any additional damage.

If patients have more advanced decay, Hamilton Dental Designs offers inlays & onlays, tooth extractions, and root canals all from the comfort of our Macungie, PA area dentist office. Dr. Gil will present all treatment options to his patients so that they may make informed decisions about their oral health care.