Dental Implants Allentown, PA

Dental implants were designed with the natural ingenuity of the human tooth in mind.

Dental implants are regarded as the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. They provide exceptionally high success rates and long-term oral health benefits. Patients choose dental implants for their natural appearance and functional support. During implant treatment, we surgically implant dental implants into the jaw bone to anchor dental restorations in place. For example, implants can replace a single missing tooth or an entire arch of missing teeth.

In-Office Dental Implants in Allentown, PA

Dental implants boast a 95% long-term success rate, higher than any other dental procedure. 

Allentown dentist Dr. Jose Gil has years of advanced training and education in implant technology, placement, and restoration. Hamilton Dental Designs provides patients with full-service, in-house dental implant treatment plans. A member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Gil is a lifelong student, reaming on the cutting edge of dental implant technology and technique.

Our dental care team works one-on-one with each patient every step of the implant process, from your initial consultation to your pretreatment planning and surgical placement and through your follow-up and the fit of your final restoration. Dr. Gil handles all phases of your implant treatment plan in-house at our Allentown, PA, dentist office. Dr. Gil believes that by providing full-service implant treatments, he can monitor and control the quality of the entire process, allowing for more convenient, consistent care and successful results.

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