Benefits of Dental Implants Allentown, PA

Dental implants have become the “gold standard” of tooth replacement for patients with missing teeth. They offer key benefits for long-term oral health and wellness.

benefits of dental implants

Key Benefits of Dental Implants

Bone Retention: When a tooth is lost, the tooth root below the gum line is also eventually lost, resorbed into the surrounding tissue. Over time this can lead to changes in the structure and appearance of the lower jaw and the fit of the bite. A dental implant replaces the lost tooth root, stabilizing bone tissue where a natural tooth was lost and stimulating natural cell growth to reduce bone loss. The result? A more stable bite and natural appearance.

Natural Chewing: dental implants allow you to regain natural chewing function with a permanent, stable restoration. Your new tooth or secured denture will not slip or become dislodged when chewing food, held in place by the implanted post which has fused with your bone.

Confident Speech: when there is no fear of a slipping denture or bridge and your smile feels natural and comfortable, you can speak with confidence and clarity.

Gum Health: the stability of dental implants or an implant secured denture or bridge significantly reduces irritation of the gums and soft tissues compared to removable options. This will make it easier to keep the gums healthy and minimize permanent damage or discomfort.

Natural Aesthetics: a dental implant or an implant secured denture supports and provides the most natural appearance, especially because it is customized to fit your mouth and compliment any existing teeth. You will use your jaw muscles in a more natural fashion without the fear of a slipping appliance.

Supporting overall health and quality of life.

When dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, the many benefits mentioned above allow you to enjoy your best quality of life. Implants support a healthy and varied diet, the confidence to interact with others, maintain social ties, and keep your natural jaw structure and bite function.

All of these factors support your physical well-being as you age. In addition, excellent and stable oral health plays a role in preventing certain diseases and good nutrition.

Why Choose Dr. Gil?

When it comes to the placement of dental implants, the knowledge and skill of your dentist can play a crucial role in the success and stability of your outcome.

A member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Gil has dedicated many hours to continuing education in implant dentistry. He developed an in-depth understanding of the essential factors impacting the implant process and how to incorporate the latest techniques. In addition, Dr. Gil takes a comprehensive approach and evaluates all aspects of your oral health before placing implants. He ensures that your result is healthy, comfortable, and lasting.