Crooked Teeth Allentown, PA

Are crooked teeth a health concern?

Crooked teeth are both a cosmetic and restorative dental concern. It is never too late to straighten crooked teeth or close the gaps between your teeth. In addition, adult patients can benefit from realigning their teeth at any age, allowing them to enjoy a more beautiful and healthy smile.

Patients who have had crooked teeth their whole life may struggle with feeling embarrassed to share their smiles. Straightening crooked or gap teeth can improve self-confidence and oral health. Patients with straighter smiles tend to develop less tooth decay and lower gum disease risk. Straight teeth also support stable bite and jaw health.

Treat Crooked Teeth in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Clear Aligners for Crooked Teeth

Dr. Jose Gil offers clear aligners for mild cosmetic orthodontic concerns to improve the smile’s appearance. Clear aligners are discreet and comfortable, ideal for adult patients looking to enhance their smiles with straighter teeth. For many patients, Dr. Gil may recommend a combination of a dental veneer or other cosmetic treatments in conjunction with clear aligners for ideal results.

We provide clear aligner treatments that are custom-designed to address your unique dental issues. During treatment, our patients receive a series of aligners worn daily over one year. Patients wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks and gradually and comfortably shifts teeth into alignment.

Patients with advanced orthodontic concerns or children with developing orthodontic problems will be referred out to a local orthodontist so that patients may receive the appropriate care.