What To Do In A Pediatric Dental Emergency

Accidents can happen even if a guardian takes every precaution for a child. An oral injury can be distressing for a child, so it is important to know what to do in advance of an emergency situation. That way, your child can feel safe and soothed in a trying time. With guidance, you can remain calm and feel confident in taking action. Dr. Jose Gil, a dentist in Allentown, PA, describes steps you can take when seeking emergency dentistry for children.

pediatric emergency in Allentown PA

Assess situation

The first step in the event of an emergency is learning what happened. If your child complains of a toothache, this could be caused by a large number of reasons. While a dental exam should be conducted by a professional, you can take a look at the child’s mouth to see if there are visible reasons the pain could occur. For instance, an item stuck in the child’s tooth or a chipped or broken tooth. Knowing the reason for the pain or emergency can ensure you know what further action to take.

Reduce damage

Reducing the severity of symptoms depends on what the underlying problem is for the child. If an object is stuck in the child’s tooth, you can try brushing teeth or flossing to remove the item. Avoid using other tools to dislodge the item, as this may push the object deeper into the tooth or gums. A permanent tooth that has fallen out should be preserved until the child can see a dentist. The tooth should be placed carefully back into its socket if it is safe to do so. If this is not possible, the missing tooth can be placed in water with salt. Any further action is not advised unless recommended by your dental professional.

Schedule emergency appointment

Regardless of the causation, your child’s dental emergency should be seen by a professional as soon as possible. Minor soreness of the mouth after an impact trauma can clear up on its own in a few days. A dentist should still see the child in case further damage has occurred to the jaw alignment or root of the tooth. Your local dentist can schedule an appointment for your child quickly. Tooth pain is a serious issue, and damage suffered in childhood can affect their oral health later in life. This is why a dental professional should be contacted promptly.

Emergency dentistry available in Allentown, PA

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