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What to Know About Root Canals

The words “root canal” tend to strike fear in people. Root canal procedures don’t have a very good reputation. At Hamilton Dental Designs, Dr. Jose Gil works with Dr. Julee Gil, an experienced endodontist. She’s experienced in performing root canals…


Infection Control at Hamilton Dental Designs

With COVID-19, dental practices around the country were closed to everything but emergency services. Now that things are slowly opening back up, regular dental services are able to be performed again. We want our patients to know that they’re safe…


How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Due to the increased stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, dental emergencies are more likely. There are more pressure and stress being taken out on our teeth, whether we realize it or not. So what should you do if you’re experiencing…


Are You Missing Your Regular Dental Checkup?

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the nation, things like routine dental checkups and doctor’s appointments are getting postponed or canceled. At Hamilton Dental Designs, we’re currently offering only emergency dental care. Dr. Jose Gil, an Allentown, PA dentist, offers…


TMJ and the Impact of Increased Stress

Currently, the entire country is experiencing more stress than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress can impact many aspects of the body and mind, but it has a particular impact on sufferers of TMJ disorders. Dr. Jose Gil, a…


Getting Cosmetic Dentistry in Allentown, PA

Cosmetic dentistry is about making sure you’re always putting your best smile forward. However, it’s not just fixing surface issues. Cosmetic problems usually mean that there’s something bigger causing them. Dr. Jose Gil of Hamilton Dental Designs discusses his offerings…